5 of the Best Japanese Chips Flavors You Need to Try


Imagine spending the day unplugged and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. You can use the time to catch up on some reading. Or you can make it a chip and dip day indulging on your favorite treats or exploring the flavors from foreign shores. And when it comes to chips, the Japanese have a treasure trove of delightful surprises. Here are just a few of the must-try potato chips from Japan that will make you forget about the dips.

1. Hokkaido Butter and Soy Sauce
Japan snacks offer a wide selection of marvelous products including regional and seasonal treats. The Hokkaido Butter and Soy Sauce is a popular chip flavor from the region. It combines the richness of butter and the mild flavor of the soy sauce.

2. Jagariko
Calbeeā€™s Jagariko is shaped like a stick and comes in a wide array of flavors.Some of the flavors you can try are the Cheese, Cod Roe and Butter, Potato & Butter, and Vegetable Salad among others.

3. Jyaga Choko
Jyaga Choko is potato crisps coated in chocolate which makes for a glorious combination of sweet and salty. You can take your pick of coating flavors like black or milk chocolate.

4. Nori Shio
This seaweed and salt flavor is a classic and a longtime favorite of many local and foreign fans.

5. Shouyu Mayo
Japanese mayonnaise is a testament to Japan’s fascination with the condiment. Mayonnaise is often used on a lot of foods, which adds to the delicious flavors you can taste in each meal or snack. Shouyu Mayo chips mix soy sauce and mayonnaise to create a delightfully rich and creamy flavor.