15 Things Worth Doing When You Unplug and Spend Time Offline


Don’t let the fear of missing out stop you from unplugging and using the time to do the things you can do. With so many possibilities to explore, here are some of the things worth doing when you take the time to go offline and live in the real world.

  1. Prepare a meal from scratch. Cook a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner and whip up a scrumptious dessert using the freshest and healthiest ingredients you have.
  2. Create your own recipe that you can share with family and friends.
  3. Lace up your running shoes and head out for an exhilarating run at the park or in a scenic trail near you.
  4. Take a leisurely stroll around your neighborhood and take the time to chat with neighbors you meet along the way.
  5. Explore what’s new in your city. Spend time like a tourist and visit attractions you may not have seen in a while or discover new ones you may have missed before.
  6. Sit outside the cafe while savoring a cup of coffee or tea and watching the people around you.
  7. Unleash your creativity by making art.
  8. Sign up for an art, cooking, or foreign language class.
  9. Visit the public library to read or borrow some books you can enjoy reading at home.
  10. Declutter, organize, and get rid of the things that you no longer use or need.
  11. Write down ideas or thoughts about anything.
  12. Use mind maps to plan the week, month, or year ahead.
  13. Reconnect with an old friend you have not been in contact with for some time.
  14. Invite friends over for lunch or dinner or a movie marathon.
  15. Write a letter to a friend you have not seen for a long time.